Don’t do these things in morning

“Your morning is the key of your whole day so it’s very important that you should start your day with correct things .By this you will feel productive and energetic in you whole day so let’s know these magical things…

1.Never drink a cold water in your morning or empty stomach always drink a Luke warm water.

2.Don’t try to sleep again after your alarm call because if you do this then you will not complete your sleeping cycle and feel hectic in your entire day.

3.Never start your day with your cell phone ..don’t read a messages in morning ,it’s very important that you should wake up freshly and firstly feel the beauty of nature .

4.When you get fresh then you should do 20 mins normal workout or stretching it will keep your mind fresh in your entire day

5.Don’t  add carbs in your breakfast start your day with healthy and fruty breakfast it’s very important that you must take heavy and healthy breakfast .Your breakfast is always healthier than your lunch and dinner.